Christopher P. Kauders, Esq.

Chris 2016 PictureChristopher P. Kauders, Esq. founded Pre-Trial Solutions, Inc. in 1995. Before starting his own firm, Mr. Kauders spent eight years mediating cases as Executive Vice President of U.S. Arbitration & Mediation of New England, Inc. He was court-appointed as a founding member of the Superior Court Mediation Panels for Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex and Worcester counties. He now serves on the Trial Court Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution, where he advises the Chief Justice of the Trial Court with respect to the implementation and oversight of court-connected dispute resolution services. He has also served on mediation panels for the AAA, FINRA, NASD, and FDICRTC. Before entering the ADR field as a full-time practitioner, Mr. Kauders practiced law at Bank of Boston and at the Boston law firm of Needham & Warren.

Since establishing Pre-Trial Solutions, Inc. in 1995, Mr. Kauders has mediated and arbitrated disputes throughout New England He is a frequent lecturer for continuing legal education programs and professional conferences throughout the region.

Mr. Kauders received his undergraduate degree from Northwestern University. He holds a J.D. and a M.B.A. from Boston College. Mr. Kauders was appointed by the Governor to the Mass. Commission Against Discrimination Advisory Board and serves on the Board of Directors of The Seeing Eye, Inc. and the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. He was on the boards of Freedom Scientific and Chestnut Hill School. Mr. Kauders is an investor in several privately held corporations. For his complete resume, click here.

Statement of Value Proposition

Parties involved on opposite sides of all kinds of lawsuits have turned to Chris Kauders of Pre-Trial Solutions for his help in mediating settlements.

Many people have repeatedly relied on Chris for many years (see our “What People Say About Us” page) because of the value he brings to opposing parties in mediation.

They know that when they choose Chris Kauders, this is what they are getting:

  • A mediator with more than 25 years of experience who has successfully mediated more than 3,000 cases.

  • A professional neutral who has successfully resolved well over 90% percent of cases presented to him,* which compares favorably to the 80 percent settlement rate reported by the in-house MA Superior Court mediators (as cited by Judge Dennis J. Curran in his September 2016 address to the Dispute Resolution section of the MA Bar Association).

  • A mediator and arbitrator known for his outstanding listening and communication skills, which have been cited by many parties in unsolicited written expressions of gratitude.

  • A professional who has served parties in numerous geographic regions, including all New England states and states as far away as Arizona and Florida.
    Someone with the ability to mediate cases not just in Boston, but in neutral offices available to Pre-Trial Solutions in the MetroWest, Central MA, Western MA, North Shore, South Shore and Cape Cod regions of the state.

  • A lawyer with an MBA and substantive knowledge of many areas of the law, including issues arising from employment, personal injury, medical malpractice, construction, and financial service and securities brokerage contexts.

  • A lawyer who is a respected member of the MCAD Advisory Board appointed by the Governor.

  • A lawyer who practiced for more than four years as in-house counsel for a large regional bank.

  • A professional with a great support staff to assist him in sifting through and analyzing documentary and visual evidence.

  • A professional who has mastered talk-to-text, database, search and other state-of-the-art technologies for efficiency.

  • A professional who is committed to service, as well as results.

    *Our stated settlement rate is based on a 24-month sample of cases, many of which involve complex disputes and parties who have failed at prior settlement attempts.