There Is a Solution For Every Dispute

    My mission at Pre-Trial Solutions is two-fold.

    First, in the context of lawsuits, my goal is to continue helping people resolve their legal disputes so they can move on with their lives, enabling them to avoid the delays and harrowing experiences often associated with courtroom trials and appeals. It is my mission to help people communicate rationally and effectively in stressful adversarial situations while giving them a clear picture of what can happen at trial, creating the right atmosphere and awareness necessary for amicable settlement. In so doing, I seek to empower mediation participants to control jointly the outcome of their case rather than risking a dice-roll in court.

    Second, aside from the lawsuit context, my goal is to utilize my skill and experience as a mediator to help people avoid or resolve all kinds of discord affecting their lives. I am striving to do this by facilitating their communication and collaboration when they are distrustful, suspicious or just plain stuck in their personal, commercial, institutional or professional relationships, their partnerships or their family enterprises.

    I am dedicated to earning the praise given to mediators and other professional neutrals by Judge Dennis J. Curran in his address to the Dispute Resolution Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association in September 2016. Judge Curran inspired all of us when he said:

      “I applaud you all as the glue that holds society together. I admire your patience, your kindness and your empathy. You take the near impossible on a daily basis and turn it into the possible. We are all blessed for what you do. The people you serve were tortured by anxiety and drowning in conflict, but your resolve and skills made their lives less troubled. You bring calmness, order, reason, and kindness to a world that desperately needs it.”