Over the years, many parties to mediation have sent unsolicited expressions of gratitude to Chris Kauders for his work at Pre-Trial Solutions. What follows is a partial but representative selection of these testimonials, which have come from parties on both sides of the table.

From: Counsel in a family dispute involving ownership of real estate

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with you on this matter. You did a fantastic job of facilitating a fair and reasonable settlement. I will highly recommend your services to my colleagues and will contact you on any occasion that warrants alternative dispute resolution.”

From: Counsel to four sibling plaintiffs with divergent views on fair settlement

“It has always been a great pleasure working with you. The case would never have settled without your expertise. The numbers may not have been as high as with some of our past cases, but the case was one of the more difficult cases I have mediated due to the highly emotion charged issues not all of which were claim related. We both had tough assignments. You had to bring a room full of seasoned attorneys to a fair consensus and I had to explain to 3 brothers, two of whom lived in different states, why the settlement was in their best interests without understating the impact of the loss of their father.”

“You once again were able to walk that tight rope strung between the expectations of opponents which is why you are always my first choice and thankfully as much so to members of the defense bar. Having the daughter explain how her family was affected by the defendant’s actions was a masterstroke and most likely saved the day. I must say I had my reservations. May you continue as a mediator for many years to come.”

From: Counsel in a construction site wrongful death case

“I mentioned at the mediation that your reputation as an outstanding mediator preceded you, but I was blown away at just how excellent you are at mediating.  I honestly thought that the case may not settle, but we were able to get it done, and I credit you with getting the parties to find common ground and agreeing to resolve the matter.”
“Please know that you have leap-frogged over every other mediator I have worked with, and I will gladly recommend you to clients as well as my colleagues in the office.”

From: Insurance adjuster in a five-party case involving negligent cremation

“It was a pleasure meeting you at the mediation. I will be sure to keep you in mind for future cases. This was a rather different case and presented some obstacles that I am pleased we were able to overcome. You did a great job.”

From: Plaintiff’s counsel in a contested liability tort case

“You were so instrumental in getting the case settled.  My clients really listened to you and finally took our recommendation, which I am happy about because a trial would not have been as successful.”

From: Defense counsel in an age discrimination case

“It was a pleasure meeting you the other day and working towards resolution of that claim.  Your style is very effective and all parties were satisfied with the result, certainly not something that always happens!”

From: Plaintiff’s counsel in a multiparty construction site accident case

“As I indicated in our conversation, having a competent neutral makes all the difference in the world… Thank you.”

From: Counsel in a complicated landlord-tenant dispute

“I very much enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and will attempt to have you mediate in the near future. You certainly got to the point very quickly and my client emerged with a very acceptable outcome.”

From: Defense counsel in an accountant malpractice case

“Thanks Chris. You worked your magic again, settling a case that I thought might not settle. I truly appreciate the skill, resolve, and good cheer you bring to bear. You’re the best.”

From: Counsel in a multi-party construction dispute

“You’re still a class-act, Chris…I have always felt that you did an outstanding job as a mediator—and I look forward to working with you again soon.”

From: Boston attorney in a breach of contract dispute

“I want you to know that you’re the only mediator I will use. I have another very challenging case coming up for mediation, and I am obviously lobbying for you.”

From: Boston attorney in a multiparty case where book-keeper from a temp agency stole 30% of a charity’s endowment

“We greatly appreciate the work you put in to get this case settled.  You are certainly highly regarded by our firm and many others and it is easy to see why.  I look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

From: a FINRA representative regarding a dispute between a high net-worth client and a brokerage firm

“Excellent work, thank you for your continued efforts!”

From: Counsel involved in a property damage dispute between two abutting manufacturing companies

“It was nice catching up with you, as I have fond memories of the mediation – including how you handled it…I will continue to keep you in mind for future cases!”

From: Defense counsel in auto injury case

“I enjoyed working with you, and my team was very pleased with the settlement.”

From: Counsel for a real estate broker

“I love your style.”